Walking With


The Bible is a window into the past, and each readthrough is a journey that provides a fresh set of observations, experiences and ideas.

This is an attempt at helping those interested in doing an end-to-end readthrough of the Bible, and includes assistive tools like pacing trackers, note taking, and of course the Word itself.

We use the text of the original 1769 manuscript of the KJV for copyright reasons. This includes the books of the Apocrypha/Deuterocannon. But a copy that excludes these books is also provided. I explain why we include this here.

If you choose to undertake this journey, remember that you are not running, not sprinting, not even marathoning this journey. Rather you are walking with him. Take in the scenery as you walk the Word with God. Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the moments of reflection and the inevitable struggles. And throughout all this, have deep heartfelt conversations with Him through prayer.

Why did I build this?

Several years ago I came across the then radical idea (only radical to a dumbass like me, obviously) that the best way to understand who God is would be to actually read the compendium of works that catalogue and describe our ancestors’ interactions with Him.

This compendium being something referred to in general parlance as the Bible.

And so I tried this with a pen and paper approach, over the course of several years. And it was an enlightening journey. I hope to share that opportunity with others, in an (hopefully) improved digital form.

Whether through this medium, or through another that you appreciate, I encourage you to read the Word for what it truly is, end-to-end, rather than selecting the parts and pieces that feel the most comfortable to you. Let it challenge you, because through that challenge I am confident that you can find growth.

And as always, start with a prayer.

Download or Install


  • 1769 version of the KJV.
  • A simple guideless journey, which allows you to take in the Word at your own pace.
  • A simple Bible Reader.
  • Note-taking that directly integrates with the Bible.